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Rooms for Hire

Our centre has a variety of rooms available for hire. If you would like to discuss booking one of our rooms or would like more details about pricing and availability call (01429) 271275.

Rooms for hire include:

A large hall to accomadate group activities of varying sizes which has a partition for break off groups

A meeting room for up to 12 people with presentation facilities.

A meeting room which seats 8 people, and 3 interview rooms.

The Bread and Butter Thing provide weekly groceries at a fraction of the high street prices through a membership scheme. Each week you will get different food, but they try to give everyone a selection of fruit, veg, cupboard and fridge essentials.

Supplies come from food going to waste in supermarkets, factories and farms. The food you will get will change from week to week. Because they don’t choose what is in the parcel, they can afford to provide the supplies cheaply meaning you’ll always be saving money and trying new foods.

Report a Hate Crime

Hate incidents and hate crimes occur when an individual is subjected to hostility or prejudice by another person because of either their race, faith, disability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Hate incidents and crimes can take many forms and may cause considerable distress. It is important to report each incident so that the victim can access support, and agencies can work together to stop them happening again. Our Community Centre is a location where a person can report a hate incident or crime to an agency other than the Police. This is because some people can feel unhappy about having to approach the police in order to report a hate incident or crime and would prefer to report it to another agency. Please contact our Reception either in person, via email to reception@wvarc30.org.uk or via telephone 01429 271275 if you would like to report a Hate Crime to us.

Join our community activities

Are you looking for social groups, practical support or leisure activities in Hartlepool? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have a number of group activities available.

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